ARC Document Solutions’ GreenPlan helps make our corporation, and our industry, as sustainable and environmentally forward-thinking as possible.

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We work internally to reduce consumption of resource-intensive goods, and we work with our vendors and suppliers to help make current production practices more environmentally sound. And just as important, we make our customers aware of products and services that can assist them in employing environmentally-friendly approaches to document management.


Recycling means using materials that would otherwise become waste in new and innovative ways. Recycling significantly reduces demand on forests, uses less total energy, produces fewer contaminants, saves natural resources, reduces landfill waste, and is better for the environment. Glass, aluminum, plastics, and paper are all recyclable. Having paper as part of our document management processes, our goal is to constantly increase paper recycling, and to use recycled products whenever possible.

Use Recycled Paper!
Compare Virgin Paper to Recycled Paper Use for One Ton of Paper

100% Virgin Paper 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper Savings Per Ton
Wood Use 3 tons 0 tons 3 tons, saves 24 trees
Total Energy 38 Million BTUs 22 Million BTUs 17 Million BTUs
Greenhouse Gasses 5,690 pounds of CO2 3,582 pounds of CO2 2,108 pounds of CO2
Wastewater 19,075 gallons 10,325 gallons 8,750 gallons
Solid Waste 2,278 pounds 1,155 pounds 1,124

At Work

8 Simple Steps to start Office Recycling

  1. Designate an office "Recycling Coordinator" to oversee the program and motivate others.
  2. Arrange for collection: Contact your local recycler or designate an employee(s).
  3. Get recycling bins. Often local city and state agencies can provide these at a small charge or for free.
  4. Place recycling bins in high traffic areas and inform employees of their location.
  5. Label the bins effectively to maximize ease of use.
  6. Educate your employees so they can identify recyclable beverage containers.
  7. Introduce the program to your employees with an email or posters to create awareness.
  8. Generate enthusiasm by motivating your employees with rewards paid for with the funds redeemed.

Green Choices

Plans Into Pads

Turn your old and unused documents into notepads. You can easily reuse plans, specs and old documents by recycling them into wire bound notepads. These pads can be manufactured locally by your ARC service center for a small fee. There’s no reason to buy imported, virgin-paper pads from the mega-office supply house. Just reuse your unneeded documents. This will also help you save money on office supplies.

Does your choice of paper matter?

See how much wood, water, and energy your company can save, as well as how much pollution and solid waste you’d eliminate by evaluating and comparing your company’s paper use at The PaperCalculator, Powered by Environmental Defense.

Foam core (or foam board) is not so green.

It’s usually made with polystyrene, a petroleum-based product. It requires chemical adhesives and is typically used for a brief period of time and then discarded straight to landfill. Recycling traditional foam core is uncommon and difficult. Overall, it’s a fairly toxic and wasteful reprographic product. Instead use Eco-Board, the Green Foam Core Alternative.

Eco-Board is:

Digital is Green

Get Greener By Shipping Your Documents Digitally.

Trade in those overnight shipments - the ones with big boxes, big trucks, big planes, and big carbon footprints - and send your next print job digitally.

Think about it. No more unnecessary fuel costs. No more commercial cargo jets. Send your documents - everything from tradeshow collateral to large-format construction documents - via ARC's remote print network right to where you need them most.

ARC Document Solutions has locations in nearly every major metropolitan market. By printing your job closest to its delivery point, you'll use a lot less energy, the job will get to its destination faster, and those shipping bills will be a lot lower too!

Simple changes in the way you think about document management can reduce your impact on the environment.

Ask your ARC Document Solutions contact for ideas on using digital document management tools, recycling, repurposing old documents, using high-quality recycled content paper, and other ideas on how our services can help you save the planet, and save some money.

To find a local ARC Document Solutions service center for help on a greener way to work with your documents, click here.

Remote Printing: How things have changed.


  1. You send your documents to a print shop.
  2. The printer prints the documents.
  3. You pay expensive overnight shipping fees.
  4. The documents arrive in Dubai, hopefully intact.


  1. You send your docs electronically to an ARC location in Dubai.
  2. They print it for you. (You bypass shipping!)


By using ARC's Managed Print Services program , we assist you to eliminate wasteful print habits and reduce overall print usage in your company.

Each ream of paper saved brings you significant environmental savings.

By moving to 30% recycled print environment you’ll be able to save the following:

Enter Average Paper Used Per Month (in square feet):

On average, MPS Technology from ARC Document Solutions cuts print volume by 10-15% annually.

Enter prints eliminated (in square feet)

Waterborne Waste
Waterborne Waste